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Vertical Roots Canada has been serving the local Edmonton and area food scene for 4 years and is LOVED by local chefs. The difference is noticeable in the flavor and the bottom line. Scroll to read what local chefs have to say about our offerings.

Why choose us?

  • same day harvest & delivery ensures freshest, lasting products
  • no washing 100% clean hydroponically grown, never sprayed, reduces labor hours.
  • zero waste, no wasted or thrown out products, quality deliveries every time, maximizing profits,
  • price secure – year-round consistent supply results in no seasonal price increases.
  • high quality – freshest most incredible taste, sets you apart.

Chefs Recommendations

Our local chefs were more than happy to provide their personal recommendations for our product for quality, price, and overall experience. 

– May –
Chef Bri, Head Chef

“Choosing to work with Vertical Roots Canada has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a Chef. Their low cost freshly grown lettuce has been a time saver, as well as a food cost saver. When you compare big box food supplier lettuce to Vertical Roots Lettuce it kind of just makes me laugh, because you can’t compare. Big box lettuce takes time to clean and wash, you have to meticulously pick through the lettuce with maybe 70% of that lettuce going to your consumers. With Vertical Roots; 100% of the greens are going to your customer! You don’t waste labor picking through the lettuce or even washing the lettuce. It comes weekly to your kitchen pest free with roots on and can live in water for up to 3 weeks in your walk-in fridge. It tastes unlike any lettuce you’ve had, there are no bitter white bits or rusty lettuce here. Just pure delicious profit.”

– Chartier –
Chef Tamara Solon, Head Chef

“Using Vertical Roots greens on our menu is a choice I make because I love to support and buy local. The greens are delivered in peak condition, require minimal cleaning and processing, and are available all winter long!.”

Austin Schwabe, Senior Sous Chef
“The consistency, quality, and longevity of the romaine’s shelf life is why Vertical roots knock California romaine out of the water.”
Three Vikings
Dustin Cooknell, Head Chef

“In a time of increased cost and inflation, using the right amount of high-quality ingredients is ultimately the easiest way to keep costs down and still serve amazing products. We mainly use Vertical Roots for our Danish sandwiches, and when there are only 5 ingredients on a sandwich the lettuce has to be a star all on its own, which in this case it shines.”

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Vertical Roots Canada has been serving the local Edmonton and area food scene for 4 years and is LOVED by local chefs. Check out some of the amazing chefs and kitchens we have served and currently serve.

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